7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Domain Name

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Thinking about starting a new online business or taking your existing business online, choosing the right domain is always a tricky task. A right decision at the right time can save a lot of time and money while a poor choice can cost a lot in the long run. Here in this article RE2QA is making it easy for you to take the right decision. Following are the 7 things to consider before buying a domain for your business. These 7 things will help you avoid making mistake that may cost you down the road.

Let’s discuss the above info-graph in detail.

1- Easy to Speak, Spell and Remember

Your domain name must be easy to speak, spell and remember. Make sure
that the domain name you choose make sense to people. Easier your
domain name is to speak, more and more people will type it. Easier your
domain is…

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Site and Domain Name

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For businesses, the ideal and the most obvious choice is to set your domain name as your company name. The best names are usually key words of the name of the company or brand.For example, Tokyo International University has the domain name TIU, and the root domainTIU.ac.jp under the subdomainwww. Thus, when you want to visit the website of Tokyo International University, you will type the following to your internet browser: www.tiu.ac.jp where .jp is country code top level domain (.com is a top level domain) and .ac is a second level domain, it refers to ACademic.

http://www.tiu.ac.jp is called a URL

Check alternatives

If TIU.com
exists, or TIU.org exists ! If available make sure you snap them up !
Sometimes/ in some countries you may have to buy some domain name through an
auction !

Adhere to SEO best practices

Should have
at least one relevant…

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